Headphone Wearin’ Hipsters Are In Danger

Tobyotter via flickr

While it’s not yet time for a music festival or rubber wristbands, hipsters are in trouble.

Those iPod listenin’, skinny-jeans wearin’, too kool for skool — but never too hot to wear a wool beanie — hipsters are getting taken out at an increasingly alarming rate as serious injuries involving pedestrians wearing headphones have more than tripled since 2004, a U.S. study showed.

In 70 percent of cases, the headphone-wearing pedestrians died as a result of the injuries hey sustained from being hit by traffic. Nearly 70% of those that died in the accidents were under the age of 30. Surprisingly, almost half of the vehicles involved in the accidents were trains and not cars.

The rapid increase in these accidents directly correlates to the rapid growth of the MP3 player market.

Experts call this growing trend “in-attentional blindness“. (Is there a pill for that yet?)

When told of the growing trend a grumpy old man responded, “They just need to pay attention to what the hell they are doing and where the hell they are going.”

So hipsters, turn the music down from 11, mind the gap, and pay attention to what you are doing and where you are headed.